Factory for the production of household chemicals

This project of the economic society Agzybir Ojak consists of building a plant for the production of household chemicals with the aim of further releasing personal care and household products using modern technologies and observing all sanitary and hygienic standards.

The plant is planned to be built on the territory of the Uzyumchilik Daikhan association allocated for long-term lease near the railway branch of the Gokdepe district of the Akhal region.

The plant will consist of two production workshops, a warehouse for finished products and a warehouse for raw materials, a laboratory department and other administrative and auxiliary facilities. The Agzybir Ojak economic society intends to implement the construction of the plant at its own expense.

Household chemicals play an important and integral role in the life of every person. Indeed, all kinds of cleaning, washing and disinfecting preparations have used to bring personal things and objects into proper condition.

The production of household chemicals in a wide circulation produces the following categories of detergents:

  • chemicals for washing;
  • home care products;
  • cleaning products.

Production of various types of household chemicals

Laundry detergents can also is divide into washing, bleaching and water softening. Most of them have produced based on modern technologies, which makes them universal and multifunctional tools. After all, they are able fully restore the cleanliness of the surface only with a single use. Artificial detergents are available under the guise of powders, various pastes and liquids.

The household chemical industry also tries to take into account the convenience and characteristics of the containers and packaging used. In addition, detergents include soap, which is of several types and had produced in huge batches.

In turn, cleaning products for the most part have a moderate manifestation of abrasive properties and they will produced for the comprehensive cleaning of surfaces from existing contaminants. However, most cleaning products include components that are unsafe for the environment; they quickly destroy and dissolve mud particles, but can affect the human body.

Today, many specialists in their industry are increasingly abandoning the production of household chemicals with the inclusion of such components, using the latest technologies and exclusively natural products and components for production. The phosphate-free products, which are safe in their use and use and quite easily removes dirt from surfaces, are very popular. Therefore, during the purchase of detergents and cleaners, it is worth paying attention to the presence of phosphates in the composition.