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For many people, the transportation of goods seems very simple and primitive, it is believed that there is nothing difficult in loading cardboard boxes into a truck. This is completely wrong. Transportation of goods by car is quite a complex and time-consuming process, involving the preparation and packaging of things, the collection of documents, the selection of a suitable machine, qualified employees, etc.

Trucks for freight

Residents often cannot understand what can be difficult in the process of transportation. They believe that for this you just need to choose the right car – Gazelle for a small load and Kamaz for a bulk one.

Today, various types of cars are participating in the freight traffic – Gazelles and their analogues, more capacious Kamaz trucks, as well as their foreign “competitors”. Vehicles differ from each other not only in their dimensions, but also in technical characteristics. When choosing a suitable car, take into account the specifics of the cargo. For example, transporting animals requires vehicles equipped with ventilation systems. For transportation of fragile items use a car whose body is equipped with upholstery. Perishable goods that need a certain temperature regime are transported in refrigerators.

Food transportation

A refrigerator is a freight automobile vehicle, the body of which is equipped with a refrigeration unit. A variety of cargoes are transported in cars equipped with cooling systems, the transportation of which requires compliance with certain conditions. This category includes, for example, perishable products – fish, yoghurts, meat, milk, etc. They do not keep fresh for long. But they must be brought fresh to the store. Therefore, they must be transported very quickly .However, a high delivery speed is not always able to solve this problem. In extreme heat, these products remain fresh for a very short time, so you can only transport them in a car with a refrigeration unit.

Cars of this type are used not only in the summer. If in winter there is a need to transport products over a long distance, it is wrong to rely on the fact that the air temperature in the body will be quite low. Suddenly the sun comes out and heats the car? In winter, it is, of course, less warm than in summer, but it can very well warm up the car. This will inevitably lead to damage to the transported products, which will cause customer dissatisfaction. Using a refrigerator is much more reliable.

Frozen foods also need a special approach. Before selling meat, fish, mushrooms, berries, they are processed to preserve all their beneficial properties. These products should be stored at a temperature of 18 degrees below zero, otherwise they will defrost and lose their trace elements and vitamins along with the leaked juice. Therefore, it is impossible to transport such products in ordinary cars.

Types of refrigerated trucks

On refrigerators transport a variety of goods. The types of cars are different. Some of them support the ability to adjust the temperature. Others are highly loaded.

Refrigerated cars are divided into several varieties, depending on what temperature can be maintained in the body. The following varieties are distinguished:

cars, the temperature inside which is slightly above zero;

machines that allow you to set the internal temperature from ten frosts to plus twelve degrees;

the coldest vehicles, in the bodies of which you can set the temperature to twenty degrees of frost.