Sesame Seed Cleaning and Processing Plant

This project involves the production of sesame oil at the Edible oil processing plant of the Agzybir Ojak Economic Society in the long-term leased territory of the Uzyumchilik Daikhan association near the railway branch of the Gokdepe district of the Akhal velayat.

The construction of the plant is carried out at the expense of own funds of Agzybir Ojak. In accordance with existing regulatory requirements for the production of sesame oil, storage facilities will be built, a seed cleaning building, a vegetable oil pressing facility, a packaging workshop, as well as auxiliary facilities that will ensure the operation of the plant in accordance with all complying requirements of technological processes, ensuring fire and sanitary safety and in compliance with all environmental requirements.

Raw materials for the production of sesame oil will be supplied from the sown land allocated to Agzybir Ojak for the cultivation of sesame in the territory of Ahal province. To supply sesame, it is planned to build a railway branch with an unloading unit and an automated supply of raw materials to the place of its storage – in special ventilated storages.

Further, the seeds enter the workshop for automatic cleaning, sorting and calibration of seeds by type and quality in accordance with the latest technologies from the world’s leading companies in this field.

Cleaned sesame seeds and other oilseeds are automatically transported to the oil pressing facility, where the “Cold pressing” process is performed. In order to obtain a high-quality product with the least loss of raw materials, modern high-tech equipment of the Turkish-German company is acquired.

At the end of the production line, sesame oil is bottled on automatic filling lines in special bottles.

The optimal shape and volume of containers for bottling is currently being developed by specialists of Agzybir Ojak.

Quality control of the produced oil, the compliance of containers (bottles) with all the requirements, directly during the production process, will be carried out by specialists in laboratories of Agzybir Ojak, located also on the territory of the plant. The management of the Agzybir Ojak ES intends to establish production of sesame oil from domestic raw materials in Turkmenistan, which would not be inferior in quality to the products of leading world manufacturers, and would be accessible to the population of Turkmenistan.